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November 2014 | Vol.12-06

Web site on preventing interpersonal violence in the workplace

preventing interpersonal violence in the workplace This Web site provides possible courses of action, suggestions, tips, and downloadable tools for implementing measures or improving those already in place to ensure more effective violence prevention among people within a given organization. The information on the site allows the process to be adapted to any company's size and activity sector and to the presence or absence of a union.

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Lift trucks seat belt

Pamphlet: How to choose the right seat belt assembly

Lift trucksThis information pamphlet is intended to help occupational health and safety professionals and practitioners, maintenance personnel, and suppliers choose the most appropriate seat belt assemblies for protecting operators of counterbalanced lift trucks.

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Press release


Study: Normative and usability criteria for seat belt assemblies for counterbalanced lift trucks

Lift trucksThis exploratory study has profiled the main types of seat belts for lift truck use sold in Québec. An analysis of physical seat belt characteristics and data collection in seven Québec companies in different industries identified the pros and cons of manual retractors, belts with an automatic locking retractor and emergency locking retractors in terms of operator work efficiency, comfort and safety.

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Lung inflammation
Archaea in bioaerosols

Lungs inflammationA new research published by the IRSST demonstrates the complexity of bioaerosols in agricultural and industrial environments, some components of which (such as archaea) may play a role in the development of occupational respiratory diseases. This research explores the presence of archaea in our environment, and our response to these poorly understood agents.

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Musculoskeletal disorders
Comparative evolution of pain and work status following a rehabilitation program for workers

Lungs inflammationThe objective of this research was to study the relationship between the perception of pain experienced by a worker with an MSD and his work situation following participation in a return-to-work program. The results indicate that the workers whose level of pain intensity decreased over time, regardless of whether it was low or high at the start of the program, had a higher rate of employment than did the workers who saw their pain intensity increase over time.

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Occupational asthma
Psychiatric disorders among patients under investigation for occupational asthma

AsthmaThe primary objective of this study was to assess rates of psychiatric disorders (including mood and anxiety disorders, and hypochondriasis) and levels of psychological distress among patients under investigation for occupational asthma. The scope of the burden associated with asthma is multifactorial; health, personal, social and economic impacts have been well established. However, living with asthma may also have significant psychological impacts.

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