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Conversion of RROHS permissible exposure values (PEVs) expressed in ppm

This computer-based tool is used to access the permissible exposure values (PEVs) in Schedule l of the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety (ROHS).

It can also be used to convert PEVs expressed in parts per million (ppm) at normal temperature and pressure (NTP) (25°C and 760 mm Hg).

Like the OSHA’s PELs, NIOSH’s RELs and the ACGIH®’s TLVs® the ROHS’s PEVs expressed in ppm are values for NTP.

PEVs expressed in mg/m3 or f/cc are not variable.

Additional Information

Publication no.: UT-009
Version: 2016
Language: French, english
Online since: September 01, 2008
Format: Application / Website