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Evaluation of Whole-Body Vibration Exposure of Operators of Soil Compactors


Road and soil compacting work is generally done using single-drum vibratory compactors (rollers). This equipment exposes operators to high levels of whole-body vibration, known as a risk factor in the development of low back pain. To date, only a few European studies have characterized their vibrations, which sometimes exceed the maximum daily exposure limit. This project consists of evaluating and characterizing the whole-body vibration exposure of operators of single-drum compactors among those most used in Québec. In addition to specifying their health risk, it will make recommendations on ways of reducing the vibration exposure, mainly through the use of suspension seats. The results of this study can guide manufacturers in the selection of such means and could also propose other means of reducing vibration. Ultimately, while an increase in investments in infrastructures is anticipated, the improved compactors will contribute to preserving the health of workers as well as improving their productivity.

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Collection: Scientific reports
Category: Report
Research Project: 0099-8380
Publication no.: R-709
Translated publication no.: R-735
Language: English
Published: October 27, 2011
Format: Text