Computer-based tools

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• Base de données relationnelle de mesures d'exposition aux poussières de silice cristalline dans le secteur de la construction   (Online)   >> Read

• Calculation of the minimum ventilation rate prescribed in the RROHS in warehouses where propane-, diesel- or gasoline-powered internal combustion vehicles (ICV) operate   (Downloadable)   >> Read

• Calculator of ND concentrations obtained with a passive dosimeter   (Downloadable)   >> Read

• Computer based tools for workplace heat stress   (Downloadable)   >> Read

• Conversion of RROHS permissible exposure values (PEVs) expressed in ppm   (Downloadable)   >> Read

• Conversion of toxicological data concentration units   (Online)   >> Read

• Correction of pump flows   (Downloadable)   >> Read

• Exploration des données d’analyse des laboratoires de l’IRSST (ÉDALI)   (Downloadable)   >> Read

• Mixie: Mixtures of substances in the workplace: computer-based tool for evaluating the chemical risk (Calculation of the Rm)   (Online)   >> Read

• Outil de calcul des IEMA d’un mélange   (Online)   >> Read

• Protecpo: Software for pre-selection of protective materials   (Online)   >> Read

• Saturisk: Computer-based tool for calculating the service life of organic vapour cartridges   (Online)   >> Read

• Simulator of the concentrations of carbon monoxide emitted by small motorized equipment   (Downloadable)   >> Read

• Substance Records from the Workplace Air Contaminant Sampling Guide   (Online)   >> Read

• Utility for the adjustment of TWA   (Online)   >> Read

• Variabilité des données de surveillance biologique   (Online)   >> Read

• VEMPire (5,6 Version)   (Downloadable)   >> Read

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