Scientific Division


The mandate of the Scientific Division is to define research orientations and programs and have them approved, to ensure the scientific coordination of all the IRSST’s research fields, as well as to follow up on the annual and triennial research plans. The research orientations are defined based on ongoing monitoring of the literature and identification of emerging risks, and statistical surveillance activities, while taking into account the concerns of workplaces regarding occupational health and safety and ensuring that IRSST’sleadership can be exercised through dissemination of its research results Finally, the Scientific Direction sees to the evaluation of the scientific quality of its research and the application of scientific and ethical policies in research.


Paul-Émile Boileau, Physicist, Ph.D., mechanical engineering. Director.

  • Exposure to vibration: whole body, hand-arm
  • Biodynamics and modelling
  • Vibration of vehicles, seats and tools
  • Exposure to industrial noise


Carole Bellazzi, Assistant to the director.

Chantal Bellefeuille, Secretary.

Alexandre Boucher, M.Sc. in Demographics. Scientific professional.

Geneviève Brisebois, Scientific professional.

Marc-Antoine Busque, M.Sc. in Demographics. Scientific professional.

Sophie De Serres, Scientific professional.

Patrice Duguay, M.Sc. in Demographics. Scientific professional - team leader.

  • Indicators and features of compensated occupational injuries
  • Identification of target populations and target problems
  • Analysis of administrative data.

Sabrina Gravel, M.Sc., Microbiologist. Scientific professional.

Christian Larivière, Ph.D. in Clinical Sciences (specialization in Biomechanics). Senior researcher.

  • Evaluation of lumbar deficiencies (rehabilitation), evaluation on biomechanical exposures to the back and upper extremities (ergonomics) by the use biomechanical measuring techniques.

Martin Lebeau, Scientific professional.

Pascale Prud'homme, Scientific professional.

Karla M. Ramirez, Scientific professional.

Franck Sgard, Senior researcher.

Marie St-Vincent, Ph.D. in Physiology, Post-doctoral in ergonomics. Researcher.

  • Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, intervention ergonomics, participatory ergonomics (Ergo groups).

Denis Turcot, Eng., M.Sc.A. Scientific professional.

  • Development and validation of test methods.

Edith Vinet, Scientific professional.

Joseph Zayed, Consultant.

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