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Preventing Violence Among Employees of the Same Work Organization – Evaluation of a Participatory Intervention

Dussault, Julie; Jauvin, Nathalie; Vézina, Michel; Bourbonnais, Renée
Studies and Research Projects / Report  R-739, Montréal, IRSST, 2012, 96 pages.

Version française disponible : R-661

Project: Évaluation d'une intervention participative visant la prévention de la violence entre membres d'une même organisation de travail


Workplace violence, particularly when it is between members of the same organization, has repercussions on personnel health and safety. Although Québec recently set up a legislative framework to counter this phenomenon, little is known about the usefulness and effectiveness of the means used to prevent it. This project is based on a participatory process in the workplace, which will be systematically evaluated using a well-known model. It is an intervention based on determining, by the employees and their supervisors, the organizational constraints leading to the violence and the solutions to eliminate and prevent it. It will be carried out with correctional service officers to whom the researchers previously demonstrated that organizational factors are associated with this problem. By allowing rigorous accompaniment and evaluation of the participatory process carried out, this study will have positive effects in the correctional sector. Its results can then be exported to other workplaces.

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