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Développement d'un protocole d'évaluation électromyographique de l’endurance des muscles extenseurs du tronc basé sur une approche fonctionnelle

(Development of a protocol for the electromyographic assessment of trunk extensor muscle endurance based on a functional approach)

Larivière, Christian; Arsenault, Bertrand; Gravel, Denis; Gagnon, Denis; Gardiner, Phillip; Loisel, Patrick
Études et recherches / Rapport  R-477, Montréal, IRSST, 2006, 85 pages.

Project: Développement d'un protocole d'évaluation de la fatigue des muscles extenseurs du tronc basé sur une approche fonctionnelle

Champ: Occupational Rehabilitation


Chronic low back pain is often characterized by a loss of muscle strength and mainly by the great fatigability of back muscles. Current methods for quantitatively evaluating this fatigability require that tasks be performed that do not correspond to activities that are part of the work, which makes it impossible to determine the patient’s muscle endurance in an occupational context. They also require the measurement of maximum back strength, which is problematic in subjects suffering from back pain.
This report describes the results of the initial developments of a test that consists of performing repeated back muscle contractions for 5 to 10 minutes, at moderate intensity. During this step, the validity of the construct of the protocol was established as well as the criterion validity and the reliability of some electromyographic indices based on back muscle activity. The researchers are now working on verifying other metric properties of the functional fatigue test. In the end, they hope to be able to follow the evolution of workers in rehabilitation, to validate muscle training methods, and to determine with more precision the possibilities of a return to work.

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