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Characterization of Dusts in Traditional Bakeries

Roberge, Brigitte; Aubin, Simon; Cloutier, Yves
Studies and Research Projects / Report  R-760, Montréal, IRSST, 2012, 74 pages.

Version française disponible : R-693

Project: Caractérisation de l'exposition aux poussières dans le secteur alimentaire

Champ: Chemical and Biological Hazard Prevention


The researchers will study the exposure of bakery product and spice and herb processing sector workers to total dusts as well as to the inhalable and respirable fractions of these dusts. This will result in expertise being acquired in the evaluation of inhalable dusts and in the documentation of the exposure to those which can cause occupational asthma in food sector workers. This project will also contribute to the development of an inhalable dust evaluation tool to support research in this field, as well as to the establishment of the foundations for future studies on dusts with irritant effects, which the Québec regulations consider as being “particulates not otherwise classified.”

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