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Contraintes biomécaniques exercées aux membres supérieurs lors de l’utilisation de petits outils dans le secteur des services à l’automobile

(Biomechanical constraints exerted on the upper limbs in the use of small tools in the automobile services sector)

Marchand, Denis; Giguère, Denis
Études et recherches / Rapport  R-726, Montréal, IRSST, 2012, 88 pages.

Project: Quantification des conséquences biomécaniques, sur les membres supérieurs, de l'utilisation de petits outils mécaniques par les mécaniciens et les peintres du secteur des Services à l'automobile

Champ: OHS and Sustainable Prevention Work Environment


Accident statistics in the automobile services sector indicate that musculoskeletal upper limb disorders are more serious than in other environments, considering the longer absences and higher costs associated with them. The weight of the tools and the postures that their use involves bring together factors favourable for the appearance of these injuries. However, the muscle constraints imposed by the use of these tools on mechanics, painters and body workers are not yet understood and evaluated in such a way that solutions can be found to reduce them. This study will investigate the physical constraints related to postures and the tools for the tasks that workers carry out in garages, and will propose work methods that are less muscularly demanding.



La prévention des troubles musculo-squelettiques aux membres supérieurs dans le secteur des services automobiles du Qué ... >>

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Cette vidéo explique comment éviter et diminuer les TMS aux membres supérieurs dans le secteur automobile.

Filmed on 10/10/2013

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